Thursday, October 28, 2010

Chili Bowl

The inspiration for this meal comes from a dish by the same name at the vegan cafe Prasad. With the exception of the special sauces Prasad drizzles over the top (I have been much too lazy to experiment with sauces, and the dish is fine without them), this "chili bowl" is pretty much exactly the same.

The main components of the dish are a sweet vegetable/roasted garlic chili, poured over rice (the restaurant uses red rice, but basic brown will suffice) and topped with steamed kale and avocado slices.

Basically, I make regular chili, no TVP or meaty stuff in it, and add more sweetener (in this case, some evaporated cane juice we just got from Bob's) and some celery. A little extra cumin and coriander, less paprika/chili powder, and a nice sprinkle of cardamom seeds gives it a different taste "profile" that I think better suits the dish.

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