Friday, October 22, 2010

Veggie Pizza

Armed with the Daiya cheese we bought at Food Fight!, we made some awesomely tasty pizza the other night. I used the pizza crust recipe from the side of a Bob's Red Mill flour bag, and changed it up by adding some dried basil and garlic powder (and a little extra salt, plus some pepper). This makes a really great crust, and takes only a few minutes to knead by hand. Which is, admittedly, not exactly my favorite part about making pizza dough...
Toppings included:
chanterelle mushrooms (I think we actually live off of these things lately)
yellow pear tomatoes from the garden
green onions
dried olives (canned black olives put into a food dehydrator... adds less moisture to the pizza)
Yves fake chicken strips
peppers from the garden

Instead of traditional tomato sauce, I simply smeared the dough with some pesto and olive oil. Yum!

The cheese was pretty good. It doesn't taste that much like dairy cheese, but it melts well and adds a creaminess to the pizza.

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