Monday, October 4, 2010

Mushroom Spaghetti with Raw Parmesan

Another dinner from Vegan Cooking. We made it with chanterelles instead of button mushrooms, but everything else was according to recipe. We also made the raw parmesan "cheese" from the book.

My thoughts:
The creamy vegan sauce, made with silken tofu and soymilk, was okay. It wasn't bad by any means, but didn't make me jump up and down either. If I made it again, I would halve the wine it called for, and maybe use some smoked salt or something to give it a savory flavor. The raw parmesan was alright, not fantastic, but this could be my own failing: I used old almonds and the only sesame seeds we had around had been toasted (recipe calls for raw). Next time I make it I'll use different nuts, or maybe add a little soymilk powder to make it more creamy/cheesy?

While I wasn't super-impressed, Mr. S thought it was "really good."

The next time I make pasta, I think I'll just do wine, garlic, herbs and olive oil. Simple, and dirties fewer dishes since I won't have to use the food processor.

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  1. I agree with using EVOO (hello Rachael Ray!) as a "sauce" for pasta. I have tried them all, and the simple garlic and olive oil always win. Thanks for coming over today and hanging out. My, I must say, our afternoons in my kitchen are starting to be a habit. LUCKY!